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Spring Is Here, Meteorologically Speaking

1 Mar 2013, 1:16 pm

Check out this snowy and spring like image from where it perfectly puts into perspective the transition between the seasons.

March has finally arrived and it means we are starting to see signs of the seasons changing.  Meteorological Spring is here and the nation right now is cut into half of literally who has is still feeling like Winter and who is making the transition to Spring.  Now most of you likely think of Spring as starting in late March, typically around the 20th, when the Vernal Equinox occurs.  Well that is how astronomically the seasons are set up and the Vernal Equinox is where we have about equal amounts of daylight and darkness.  For meteorologists and those in the weather community, Spring begins on March 1st and last through May 31st, a full 3 months.  It has been easier to track and monitor data for the seasons, with the months set up that way and also that, weather-wise, the coldest months of the year are December, January and February and the warmest months are June, July and August, so the months in between is where we see the transitions taking place.

So far March, we will see the a big change from where the month started to where the month finishes in terms of both temperatures and weather.  Over the next 92 days, we will experience the nice, warming trend and the arrival of scattered thunderstorms.

Astronomically, March 20th is when Spring will begin and while it varies from year to year, typically it is March 20th and arrives at different times.  This year, the event arrives at 7:02 am EDT.

Now this morning, a trough of low pressure swung through the Ohio River Valley, kicking up some scattered snow showers.  This was the image taken at the University of Louisville in Kentucky.  It looks like a picturesque winter wonderland.  Light snow was reported at the Bowman Field airport this morning for about 6 hours.

With snow falling in the Ohio and Tennessee River Valleys today, you know there is plenty of cold air around, and that chill is heading into the deep south.  Temps in the morning hours on Saturday, much like they were this Friday morning, will be cold enough to merit Freeze Warnings in Georgia, especially in cities such as Macon, Atlanta and Dalton.  Temps will get down into the low 30s with some places in the upper 20s…. BRRRR!

These were the morning low temps in the southeast.  Wow was it nippy out down near the Gulf Coast!  Mobile, AL had a morning low in the upper 30s.  Temps down in Tampa were down into the 50s and Miami had morning lows in the 60s.  Some folks were seen wearing sweaters.

The Water Vapor Satellite Imagery shows that while the eastern half of the nation is under a “chilly” air mass due to the jet stream taking a big dip down towards the Gulf Coast, the western half is going to be in the midst of a “warm” trend, with temps running above normal this weekend.

Southern California will certainly be one of those areas people will FLOCK to with the temps running well above normal.  Even in the morning hours, this scene from Huntington Beach, CA looks very inviting but wait till the temps get up into the 80s this afternoon.

The meteogram over the next several days for nearby Los Angeles, CA shows hows the temps will be trending.  Enjoy the warmth while its here this weekend, because soon we’ll be back down into reality.

By the time LAers have to go back to work on Monday, the daytime highs will be back into the upper 60s. and by the end of the work week, temps are down into the low 60s.

Just so you know, that warmth in the southwest that is going to be leaving after this weekend, will be heading into the nation’s heartland and then some.  Temps in Montgomery, AL will go from being nearly 20° below normal on Saturday to being within seasonal levels by Thursday.  You can thank the southwest for sharing that warm air with the rest of the south.

The temperature difference from normal is displayed above for Friday and Saturday.  Notice that the cold pocket of air is still over the eastern half of the nation, but is slowly being bumped aside by the warmer air from the west.  Denver, CO has the one of the biggest difference.

For Friday, the temps in the southwest will be the most enjoyable, with highs in the 80s!  The warmth will even travel up to Seattle where they will flirt with 60s.  Temps in St. Louis, however, will be kind of frosty, with highs in the 30s and Atlanta goes up into the 40s.

By Saturday, the temps stay on the mild side out west, and begin to spread outward towards the Central Plains.  St. Louis and Atlanta are still not feeling that warm, loving feeling.

Thanks for checking out the blog!  Have a great weekend and enjoy the first day of March!  March typically comes in like a Lion and goes out like a Lamb.  Today, the nation’s weather is acting very sheepish.


Addison Green

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