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We Have a Stage 5 Clinger! The Remnants of a Tropical Storm Likely to Redevelop

20 Aug 2017, 4:06 pm

The Caribbean faces the threat of tropical storm after tropical storm during hurricane season. It’s bad enough when these storms develop, impact the area, then leave. But it’s another thing when a system develops, weakens into an area that isn’t concerning anymore and then suddenly shows signs of redeveloping less than 24 hours later.

Harvey, good ole Harvey, you’re doing the Caribbean dirty. Putting the fun aside, the energy leftover from what was Tropical Storm Harvey are looking more and more likely to redevelop into a tropical storm….again. Since the energy is the same as which was associated with Harvey when it was a storm, if named again, it would keep the name Harvey.

Confusing, right? I thought so too. So, here’s the down-low. If a tropical storm weakens, it becomes a tropical depression, furthermore it will become the “remnants” of whichever storm it was. We can still track the emery and moisture from a remnant storms. That’s exactly what this is. the remnants of what was Tropical Storm Harvey. Since it’s the same energy, if/when this system redevelops, it will once again be named Harvey. Make more sense?

Needless to say, the impacts will be: heavy rain, gusting winds and high surf along the northern coast of Central America and then eventually the Yucatan Peninsula. Timing is looking to be from Monday into Tuesday with more impacts for the Bay of Campeche through midweek.

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For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Andy Stein

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