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State of Emergency Declared in Upstate New York After Five Feet of Snow Falls

3 Feb 2017, 8:30 pm

Up to five feet of snow had fallen across upstate New York from the recent lake effect snow event.

Most of the snow fell across Oswego county where a State of Emergency was declared Friday.

“People should use extreme caution traveling in Oswego County,” said Kevin Gardner, chairman of the Oswego County Legislature. “Emergency vehicles and town, county and state highway plows are having difficulty getting through the area, creating dangerous conditions.”

Redfield, NY is one of the hardest hit communities with five feet of snow.

A voluntary travel ban has been issued by the Oswego County Sheriff’s Office for the Redfield-Boylston area.

It’s an event spanning up to three days and lake effect snow warnings remain in place through Saturday evening.

Lake effect snow occurs when cold air flows over the “warm” waters of the Great Lakes. Latest buoy readings show Lake Erie and Lake Ontario water temperatures in the mid to upper 30s. The air mass flowing over the Great Lakes is in the teens. The temperature difference between the water temperature (30s) and the air temperature (teens) is large enough to trigger a lake effect event.

The lake effect snow will taper off by late Saturday evening as winds begin to shift direction. Until then, use caution when traveling. I-81 between Syracuse and Watertown will likely experience travel delays as snow bands can bring visibility close to zero at times.

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