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Storms Leave Path of Damage in Wisconsin

14 Jun 2017, 6:09 pm

Strong to severe thunderstorms rolled through the state of Wisconsin this afternoon with wind up to 75 miles per hour and even confirmed reports of tornadoes.  Take a look at some of the storm pictures thanks to our WeatherNation viewers.

Viewer Krissy Johnson caught this shelf cloud rolling through southern Wisconsin Wednesday.
Southwest of Green Bay, in Saxville, this storm brought down trees and unfortunately right on top of a vehicle. Picture credit Stephanie Castillo.
Northeast of Madison in Sun Prarie, this shelf cloud was accompanied by heavy rain and wind. Picture credit Laurie Stieren.
There were reports of tornadoes across the state as well. This picture courtesy Jeremy Lee. As of Wednesday evening, the National Weather Service had four tornado reports across Wisconsin.
Storm damage on Wednesday in Wisconsin. Picture courtesy Michele Kay.
Lines of storms moved through the central U.S. and Upper Midwest, bringing with them winds up to 75 mph. These were straight line wind gusts however still strong enough to do damage.
This was mostly a wind-driven event as opposed to large hail event. Still though, hail grew up to 1.75″ in diameter and fell to the ground. Any hail 1.00″ in diameter or larger is considered severe hail, capable to do damage.

An unusually-strong low pressure system in southern Canada, with a central minimum pressure of around 990 millibars, helped draw in warm and unstable air through the Mississippi River Valley while strong upper-level winds helped sustain the individual storms. This low pressure system will slowly move northeast by the weekend but it could still bring some severe storms to parts of the Great Lakes to Central U.S. through Friday.

For WeatherNation, Meteorologist Steve Glazier

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