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Storms with a ‘Tude

12 Apr 2014, 12:46 pm

We’ve been covering severe storms packing quite an attitude in parts of Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin & Illinois here at WeatherNation, but this is only a taste of what could be a very busy second half to our weekend across the central U.S. Here’s a look at today’s severe weather outlook, courtesy of the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK.


An area of low pressure pulling across southern Minnesota into Wisconsin is swinging a warm front across the Great Lakes region. Storms have been producing 1-2″ diameter hail along their paths, along with some damaging wind gusts. A threat for very large hail is expected to develop late this afternoon into tonight across a large portion of Iowa, including the capital city of Des Moines.

By tomorrow, a second area of low pressure is expected to spin up across the central plains, pulling much colder, drier air and dragging it into the warm, juicy air ahead of it. Strong surface winds from the south & southeast, along winds aloft from the west, will give the atmosphere a little added spin.


This veering of wind up through the atmosphere is known as wind shear, and enough will be available to help potentially spin up a few tornadoes. Our target zone of most concern is a highlighted east of Interstate 35 and either side of Interstate 40 in eastern Oklahoma, in an atmospheric area known as the “triple point.” A triple point develops where the cold front, warm front, and occluded front merge, with more added lift and spin from the center of low pressure.


A threat of large hail and damaging wind will continue to move east Sunday night into Monday, along and ahead of the cold front.


Prepare now! We’ve put together a couple graphics on how to get ready BEFORE storms fire up, and if a warning is issued.



Be safe, and until next time-

Bryan Karrick

WNTV Seals

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