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Stormy Wake-up, Steamy U.S. and Drought denting rains

19 Jun 2012, 12:31 pm

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Morning thunderstorms at the WNTV studios brought out the weather geeks in us… Here is my good friend and colleague at WeatherNation, meteorologist Aaron Shaffer, who seems to be entranced by the heavy rain, lightning and thunder… It also looks like Aaron now has a shovel for an arm/hand.

Serious Flashing and Splashing

Take a look at the radar loop below… this is what rolled through the Twin Cities during wee morning hours and what caused so much commotion!

Video_1340096049   <—- Click the link to see the loop

Several Wind Damage Reports

Look at all the wind damage reports from just south of the Twin Cities into Wisconsin… The highest wind gust was 83mph out of Belle Plaine, MN. Several locations reported uprooted trees and downed power lines. XCEL Energy reported nearly 72,000 customers lost power earlier today with nearly 60,000 customers were still without power around 6am.

WeatherNation Meteorologist Bryan Karrick Was Busy

WeatherNation Meteorologist Bryan Karrick was busy earlier today taking pictures of uprooted trees and snapped power poles… take a look at the images below.

Thanks to Travis Overbye for this picture from the Lakeville, MN Airport… YIKES!

Severe Threat Today

Here is the severe weather threat today… the yellow coloring below indicates the highest potential for hail, high winds and possibly even an isolated tornado.

Hot Across Most of the U.S.

Get ready to sweat. Much of the U.S. is looking at high temps and high dew points over the next couple days.   When you step outside, it will feel more like a steam room.  Check out all of the red on the high temp map from

Sticky Across the Eastern Half of the U.S.

Now check out some of the dew points! Dew point temps close to 70 makes it feel tropical… it’s the kind of air you can wear!

Who needs rain, who doesn’t?

Heavy rain over the past several weeks across parts of the Upper Midwest has helped to put a big dent in the drought. However, according to the Palmer Drought index, we could still use more rain in several spots across the nation, especially the Southwest.  Check out this map showing which parts of the country are still in need of rainfall.

We want to see your photos!

And a thank you to Michael Adkins for sharing this photo from Isle, MN showing the cool clouds over his son’s baseball game.

You can share your photos on our website at 

Just look for these buttons.

Thanks for checking in on this Tuesday, have a great rest of you week!

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