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‘Strawberry Moon’ Appears Tuesday Night

2 Jun 2015, 9:06 pm

strawberry moon

The full moon that you’ll see on Tuesday evening carries special meaning, and for fruit-lovers (at least hundreds of years ag0), it’s even sweeter.

The first full moon in June is nicknamed the strawberry moon, and it appeared all over the country on Tuesday night (pictured). In short, the strawberry moon is a full moon in June. Algonquin tribes nicknamed it the strawberry moon because the first June full moon typically coincided with the earliest time to be able to pick fruit.

Also known as the honey moon (for the honey-like color completion it appears to take) and the hot moon (signifying the start of North American summer), the strawberry moon hit its peak earlier on Tuesday across the U.S. at 12:19pm EDT, according to also provides a list of this year’s full moons and their meanings – up next is the so-called Buck Moon on July 1st, named that for new bucks seeing their antlers beginning to poke through around this time.

Happy summer and happy space-gazing!

Meteorologist Chris Bianchi – Photo: NASA

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