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Strong Storms Hopping Across the Country

20 Apr 2014, 7:54 am

Happy Easter! Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday with your family. Unfortunately, folks in Texas woke up to hail stones, not Easter eggs in their yards. Check out this photo from El Paso on Saturday!

El Paso Hail


Hail will likely be the primary threat tonight and tomorrow across central Texas as more strong storms develop. We’ll keep you posted on WeatherNation as conditions change.

A more impressive storm threat sets up midweek for the Central Plains. Already, models are hinting at the potential for robust thunderstorm activity from Nebraska to Texas as a powerful trough moves out of the mountains.

severe threat wednesday

Surface winds will likely be coming straight off the Gulf of Mexico, enhancing moisture throughout the region and helping to increase the instability in the atmosphere. Mid-level winds will be out of the southwest, and the shear between the two is likely to facilitate rotating supercell thunderstorms.

dewpoints wednesday


We’ll have a close eye on this through the next few days here at WeatherNation. Have a happy Easter! -Meteorologist Miranda Hilgers



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