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Summer Fades… Taking a Look Back, How Did We Do?

Tuesday, September 3rd

Sunday, September 1st was the first day of Meteorological Fall, which marks the date when the warmest 3 months, on average, are behind us (June, July and August). Taking a look back at some select cities this summer season, it was interesting to see a warmer than normal Alaska vs. temperatures running a little cooler around the Great Lakes Region.


Here are some of the stats we dug up about Fairbanks, AK. Notice that Fairbanks had a record number of 80°+ and 85°+ days.

Washington DC

Washington DC was a little cooler and certainly not as hot as 2012 was. 2013 only had 23 90°+ days vs. 48 in 2012!

Chicago, IL

Chicago was another spot that was a little cooler this year and certainly cooler than last year! It’s interesting to note that Chicago is also running above average precipitation for the year, but was behind average precipitation for the summer. The shorter term precipitation deficit has helped to bring some drought conditions back into the picture.

Summer Precipitation

The image below suggests where summer precipitation (June, July and August) was above or below normal. Orange and red colors indicate where very little of normal summer precipitation was found, whereas blue and purple colors show where precipitation was well above normal for the summer.

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