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Summer Heat Continues, but Summer Sun Fades

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Climatologically speaking, mid July is typically the hottest time of the year, so no surprise that it’s hot out there, right?!? Thanks to Ric Mulligan out of Petosky, MI for the summery sunset image below!

Midday Thursday Heat Index

This is what it felt like midday Thursday across the nation. YIKES!!

Sweating It Out in New York…

There are several states under some type of heat advisory/warning through the end of the week, New York is one of those states. New York City is likely to see triple digit heat index values through Friday.

Even Lady Liberty seems to be sweating… excuse me, she’s “glistening” !!

New York’s 90 Degree Days

Thru July 17th, New York City has seen 12 90F days, which is pretty close to the yearly average.

Sweating It Out in Chicago…

Thanks to Susanna for the summery looking picture in Chicago, where Heat Advisories will continue through Friday. Heat Index values are expected to be near 100°+ on Friday!

Why So Hot?

Thanks to a big ridge of high pressure centered over the Ohio Valley, the jet stream has been pushed up into Canada. This has allowed several days of hot and humid weather to sit nearly in place, thus the concern for prolonged exposure to the heat in a number of different cities.

Average Highs for July 18th

The image below shows average high temperatures for July 18th, keep in mind that those under heat advisories/warnings are dealing with temperatures nearly 10 t0 15 degrees above normal with tropical dew points (70s).

Fading Summer Sun?

Believe it or not, daylight hours are dwindling! We are nearly 1 month past the summer solstice and folks across the international border are down almost 30mins from the longest days of the year in late June! Below are some select cities and their daylight hours on June 20th vs. July 18th vs. September 2nd (Labor Day).

Thanks for checking in, have a great rest of your week and weekend ahead!

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