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Sun Rises in Barrow, Alaska for First Time Since November

Sixty-five days later, the sun re-appeared in the northernmost city in America.

Barrow, Alaska – officially known as Utqiaġvik – welcomed in its first sunrise in over two months on Sunday afternoon at 1:16pm local time, with a grand total of 47 minutes of sunlight illuminating the city of about 4,400 people. After the sun last set on Barrow on November 18th at 2:34pm, it rose back up on Sunday, January 22nd. Sunday’s sunlight lasted less than an hour, with just 47 minutes of sunlight, but Monday featured nearly two hours of sun, and the city will enjoy more than four hours of sunlight by the end of next week.

Located at 71° north and more than 300 miles above the Arctic Circle, Barrow’s location at almost literally on top of the world leaves it without any sunlight for more than a sixth of the year. On the flip side, the sun doesn’t set here for two months during the summer.

Barrow’s brief sunlight, however, failed to push the mercury all that high. Barrow’s high reached -19° Fahrenheit on Monday, and wind chills reached -56° Sunday night into Monday morning. Light snow fell on the city much of Monday as well.

However, a warmup is in store here, and by the end of the week, temperatures may climb above zero. Warmups on the shores of the Arctic Ocean are relative, of course.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Chris Bianchi – Image: Barrow’s first sunrise, via the FAA and NWS Fairbanks, Alaska

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