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Sunday Storms: Blizzards to Tornado Threat

10 Feb 2013, 12:26 pm

Sunshine Returns to the Northeast

Satellite and radar from this morning showing the monster storm move off the coast this morning.  Its colder but skies are clearing out region-wide and winds are subsiding already.  The recovery efforts will continue today under this fair weather.  However, the weather won’t be as cooperative into next week.  Another system is looming to the east and this time around threats will be for accumulating ice, rain and flooding as most precipitation will be coming in the form of rain.

The next storm arrives tomorrow morning and spreads mostly rain across the region.  With colder temperatures at the surface, some of that water will be freezing upon contact. That’s what leads to ice accumulations.

Another concern will be for flooding.  The recent snowfall is keeping drainage areas blocked up so there will be nowhere for this rain to go, which would lead to a flooding situation.

Midwest Blizzard, Ice, and Rain

Visibility is low in North Dakota as the winds whip up the freshly fallen snow.  The view from Cassleton, ND:

As the northeast clears out, our attention is turning to the Midwest.  A system exits out of the Rockies and moves through the Central Plains and Upper Midwest today.  The heaviest snow will extend from Western Nebraska to North Central Minnesota.  Blizzard warnings in effect for those areas as that heavy snow will be combining with wind gusts over 50 mph.

Total accumulations will be close to 10 inches from north central MN to Eastern North Dakota.  Areas to the south are still dealing with the wet weather, however, its coming in the form of rain rather than snow.  Some of that is freezing on roadways.

Severe Threat

The southern extent of this storm is producing some strong thunderstorms. Severe threat area for today:

(Also note that general thunderstorm risk extending all they up into southern Minnesota. Thundersnow possible!)

National Outlook

Sun shining bright in the Northwest as a ridge of high pressure keeps the northwest dry for now.  The southwest remains cool but sunnier in the wake of yesterday’s storm.  Mild air stays in the place across southern plains before cooling rapidly tomorrow in the wake of this front moving through this morning.

 Have a great Sunday!

Gretchen Mishek

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