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Sunday: Through The Pictures

28 May 2017, 10:56 pm

Fortunately Sunday’s weather was far quieter compared to Saturday. Unfortunately though, some weather did result in a loss of property.  Four homes were struck by lightning and proceeded to burn thereafter, three of those happening early in the morning in the Atlanta, GA area. There were also reports of water rescues due to flash flooding and cars getting stuck in high water. Speaking of that topic, our affiliate KY3-TV in southwest Missouri reported this weekend that two people were found dead due to flash flooding in the Branson area. A third person was still missing as of Sunday evening. Their vehicle was swept off the road during a flash flood event. This happened after several inches of rain hit the Branson area and the National Weather Service issued a Flash Flood Emergency. You can read more from our affiliate KY3 by clicking here. Here are some of the pictures we received from viewers of Sunday’s weather.

Picture of daytime thunderstorms crossing through Graceville, Minnesota courtesy of Carol Bauer.

Storm clouds reached from Texas to (pictured here) Michigan courtesy 3_325thAirborne on Twitter
Hail reports as of Sunday evening, May 28th. Hail the size of hen eggs hit New York while tea cup sized hail hit Texas!

There were a total of 67 wind reports and 33 hail reports Sunday totaling 100 for the day. Compare that to Saturday where there were about 350 wind reports and 200 hail reports across the country! Not everyone saw the storms though and those who didn’t, that strong late-May sunshine boosted temperatures through the 90’s.

Miami broke its daily high temperature record for Sunday, but also established a new all-time hottest May temperature on record!

And there was quite the sight in the sky Saturday night for those in the north.

The northern lights seen from Washington state Saturday night courtesy Twitter user @photopalette

Memorial Day will feature lingering storms across parts of the Gulf Coast states and Southeast, while rain interrupts some plans in New England, and the rest of the Lower 48 stays generally quiet.

For WeatherNation, Meteorologist Steve Glazier

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