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Sunshine or Rain for Labor Day Weekend?

31 Aug 2018, 8:25 am

Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end to summer, kicks off in less than a day! With BBQs and pool days in many people’s plans, you might be wondering if yours will get rained out. Here’s a look at what’s ahead for the country.

In the Midwest and Northeast we will be watching a frontal system moving through the next few days. This is forecast to bring heavy rain from Minnesota to Kansas Friday, and Wisconsin into the Central Plains by Saturday with stormy weather continuing into Sunday. Meanwhile, the northeast coast will see scattered storms, especially near a stalled out front over the next few days. Eventually the Midwest front moves in from the west, increasing storm chances for inland areas on Labor Day.

In the Southeast low pressure in the Gulf will fuel storm chances each and every day.

This keeps the chance for scattered storms across the region with us for the next few days. For the coast there is a chance for heavy rain through the holiday weekend thanks to a slow moving low pressure system off the coast and plentiful tropical moisture.

The western U.S. is going to be the driest region this holiday weekend. Scattered storms are possible each day along the Rockies but quiet weather persists further west with cool and calm weather in the northwest.

Bottom line, if you’re not out west make sure you pack an umbrella and keep a close eye on the forecast over the holiday weekend.

For Weather Nation: Meteorologist Emily Roehler

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