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Super Cool Super-Cooled Water Experiment!

frozen water

It is a common myth that all water freezes at 32° F, in reality water can get down to -55° F before it is forced to freeze. Once water reaches a point below 32° F it is considered to be “super-cooled” water. Ice crystals need some sort of nuclei in order to form, so purified water, with no imperfections can reach this point fairly easy. Once the water reaches the point below freezing, it will wait until it is forced to freeze or it is introduced to a nuclei that will allow the ice crystal to form. A fun experiment to test this theory, is to take distilled or purified water bottles, place them in the freezer until they reach the point below freezing, and then hit the bottle on the table and watch the liquid water turn to ice right before your eyes. Check out our version of the experiment below.

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