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Super Typhoon Haiyan: One of the Strongest Storms Ever Recorded

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

The satellite imagery for Super Typhoon HAIYAN is quite amazing! The Joint Typhoon Warning Center classified this storm as an equivalent strong category 5 storm with winds sustained near 190mph and winds gusts of up to 230mph!

Take a look at the incredible structure of the eye below! It’s crazy to think that Mother Nature can whip up such strong storms…

The image below comes from @CIMSS_Satellite HERE:

Major Threat for the Philippines

The track of HAIYAN looks scary for island residents. I pray that everyone finds a safe place to ride out the storm as this could bring a life-threatening conditions through Friday/Saturday.

Typhoon Tip in 1979

Super Typhoon Tip from 1979 was the strongest and largest tropical cyclone to ever recorded. It holds the record for the lowest pressure at 870mb and record for the largest cyclone on record at nearly 1,400miles wide!

Super Typhoon Tip was huge! If you compared the size of Tip to the U.S., it would have taken up nearly half the nation.

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