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Taiwanese Airliner Crashes as Typhoon Matmo Makes Landfall in China

23 Jul 2014, 2:50 pm

Photo Credit: Wikimedia/Michel Teiten
(TransAsia ATR-72, similar to the one that crashed)

Fresh off the heels of the Malaysia Airlines disaster, another passenger plane has gone down on a sparsely populated island in Taiwan.

According to Taipei Today — an Engligh-language newspaper — the plane was attempting to make an emergency landing when the crash occurred. There were a total of 54 people on board, including the crew. Reports suggest that there are at least 47 dead and 11 injured. There’s been no clarification on which of those were on the plane of on the ground.

The TransAsia plane, an ATR-72, orginated out of Greater Kaohsiung and was en route to Magong Airport — on the island of Penghu — when it crashed into a residential area, just shy of the airport. Pictures from the crash zone showed a large debris field and severely damaged buildings.

The TransAsia flight had been delayed for several hours due to Typhoon Matmo crossing the Straight of Taiwan. At the time of the crash, strong convection — including torrential rain and gusty winds — from back-end of Matmo was pounding the island of Penghu. While weather might have played a role in the crash, it’s too early to say dininitively.

This is a developing story and will be monitoring the latest developments.

Meteorologist Alan Raymond

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