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Take a #SafePlaceSelfie: Be Weather Ready

4 Apr 2018, 8:30 am

On Wednesday, April 4, the National Weather Service and over 7300 Weather-Ready Nation Ambassadors want you to take a selfie… a #SafePlaceSelfie, that is.

The Safe Place Selfie campaign is a modern effort to make sure *you* know where to go when severe weather strikes. Do you know the safest room in your home or residence? If not, now is the time to prepare! Spend a few minutes going to that safe place, take a selfie, and share over social media using the #SafePlaceSelfie hashtag.


Here are some helpful suggestions from the NWS when taking your selfie:

  • Think about the hazards in your area where you would need to know where safe places or evacuation routes are located.
  • Get creative! Storm shelters, safe rooms, and basements are all good safe places from tornadoes and strong winds, but think of other scenarios or hazards that may require other safe places.
  • What other preparedness actions make your safe place even safer? Having a NOAA Weather Radio? Emergency Kit? Family Communications Plan?
  • Encourage family, friends, and your social media network to post their #SafePlaceSelfie. Tag someone on your post and ask them, “Where is your safe place from extreme weather?”


“What makes the #SafePlaceSelfie campaign so powerful is it’s simple message and call-to-action. If you’re sitting in your home or at your desk at work looking at Twitter, ask yourself ‘what if?’ Where would you go if life-threatening weather approaches your area? This campaign keeps it simple, while making a paramount preparedness action fun and interactive. And most importantly, we can see it working,” explains Trevor Boucher, a forecaster at the Austin/San Antonio Weather Forecast Office.

Here are our own staff #SafePlaceSelfies!

Share your #SafePlaceSelfie with us on Twitter or Facebook. We may even show your photo on air at WeatherNation!