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A Tale of Two Climates – Heat out West, Cold in the East


Warm air hanging out over the West has been an ongoing story this January. Well, it looks like heat will continue to smash records as we chug into February.

Out East it’s been a different story. Clipper after clipper continue to dive down from Canada impacting much of the East with brutal snow amounts and constant cold temperatures.

The most recent clipper funneling out of Canada brought with it a more wide spread swath of cold air. Billings, Montana dropped to near 14 degrees below average Wednesday, as Denver dove down to the low 30s. A quick recovery is on the horizon for these areas as the next system pushes on shore in the Pacific Northwest. A large ridge will build over the western contiguous U.S. with a warm air mass anchored underneath.

Temperatures in Denver will sky rocket, returning to the 60s in just 24 hours.

Las Vegas will stay ~ 15 degrees above average well into the start of next week.
This pattern seems to hold its ground through the 6-10 day outlook and through the 8-14 day outlook.

6-10 Day

Out East conditions will become milder as the first part of February progresses but expect the warm weather to hang around out West for the next coming days!

Meteorologist, Tracey Anthony

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