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Talking About Tornadoes, An Overabundance Of Rainfall, And Memorial Day Weekend

22 May 2013, 11:46 am

Look at that picture above…  I’m sure you already did, without me mentioning it.  It is incredible.  Unfortunately, that storm was the one that hit Moore, OK – now officially tabulated as an EF-5 rated tornado, at least for a small portion of its life cycle.




The EF Scale – Enhanced Fujita – is a really an amazing creation.  Basically, the winds of a tornado were reverse-calculated based on the amount of wind it would take to damage a certain type of structure.

According to Wikipedia, there are 28 damage indicators, and here they are.  Click on the link on the right in order to see what the damage would look like:



DI No. Damage Indicator (DI) Degrees of Damage (DOD)
1 Small Barns or Farm Outbuildings (SBO) 8
2 One- or Two-Family Residences (FR12) 10
3 Manufactured Home – Single Wide (MHSW) 9
4 Manufactured Home – Double Wide (MHDW) 12
5 Apartments, Condos, Townhouses [3 stories or less] (ACT) 6
6 Motel (M) 10
7 Masonry Apartment or Motel Building (MAM) 7
8 Small Retail Building [Fast Food Restaurants] (SRB) 8
9 Small Professional Building [Doctor’s Office, Branch Banks] (SPB) 9
10 Strip Mall (SM) 9
11 Large Shopping Mall (LSM) 9
12 Large, Isolated Retail Building [K-Mart, Wal-Mart] (LIRB) 7
13 Automobile Showroom (ASR) 8
14 Automobile Service Building (ASB) 8
15 Elementary School [Single Story; Interior or Exterior Hallways] (ES) 10
16 Junior or Senior High School (JHSH) 11
17 Low-Rise Building [1–4 Stories] (LRB) 7
18 Mid-Rise Building [5–20 Stories] (MRB) 10
19 High-Rise Building [More than 20 Stories] (HRB) 10
20 Institutional Building [Hospital, Government or University Building] (IB) 11
21 Metal Building System (MBS) 8
22 Service Station Canopy (SSC) 6
23 Warehouse Building [Tilt-up Walls or Heavy-Timber Construction] (WHB) 7
24 Electrical Transmission Lines (ETL) 6
25 Free-Standing Towers (FST) 3
26 Free-Standing Light Poles, Luminary Poles, Flag Poles (FSP) 3
27 Trees: Hardwood (TH) 5
28 Trees: Softwood (TS) 5
The damage indicators are really quite amazing.
Moore, OK damage has now been found in nearly 5000 homes.  Again – just unbelievable.  The cost of damage is likely to be astounding – as the large Joplin tornado (the 2 year anniversary is today, by the way – click here to find out more on that) was over a BILLION dollars.Paying for repairs can be costly – but paying for people’s food and emergency supplies isn’t quite as expensive.  Everyone from everyday people to Oklahoma celebrities (and other nationally-known folks) are donating.


Kevin Durant was already one of my favorite NBA basketball players, mainly just because he *seems* like a good guy.  This move (the preceding tweet) and a much larger one are what make me like him even more as a human being.


How about that?  $1 MILLION dollars.  Quite a donation, even for a basketball superstar.



Text To Donate $10
Text To Donate $10
You can help, too.  Text those numbers listed above to donate 10 dollars to one of those charities.  In fact – as I’m writing this, I’m pausing right now to text the Red Cross and send them $10.Pause.


That took all of about 20 seconds.  Mostly me figuring out those complex phones these days.


Finally – Adding Humor To Your Day


So – there has been quite an overabundance of rainfall over past few weeks in many locations.  St. Louis is over 6 inches of rainfall above average on the year.  International Falls, MN, is close to that number.

Minneapolis is where I live, and where Todd Nelson, my morning show cohort, lives.  We are nearly 5.5″ above average on the year for precipitation… and we’re grumpy about that:


Grumpy Cat Precipitation
Grumpy Cat Precipitation


There you go!

Now – a look ahead at your Memorial Day Monday forecast:



Memorial Day Forecast
Memorial Day Forecast
Keep in mind that a lot could still change between now and then, but this is at least a snapshot of what things could look like. Stay tuned the next couple of days!~WeatherNation Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @ashafferWNTV 

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