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Temperatures Climbing Higher as Heat Wave Continues

21 Jul 2016, 4:30 pm

Nearly 50 million people are under a heat advisory, watch, or warning. With air conditioners on blast, an increase in energy use can put a strain on the power grid. This has many power companies preparing for the surge. Laura Wilfon, spokesperson for Kansas City Power and Lighting says the company is prepared to service all of their customers.

“We don’t anticipate any major issues. Luckily we are not an area with any rolling blackouts or brownouts to keep our energy up.” said Wilfon. Kansas City, like many other cities is under an excessive heat warning through the weekend. Temperatures will be near triple digits and heat indices ranging from 105-100 degrees.

It’s during the afternoon and early evening that the most energy is used. “When we see people get home from work and turn on the air conditioners or turn on the oven, that’s when we see a lot of people using a little bit more electricity.”To avoid putting stress on your system along with the neighborhood, Laura Wilfon suggests running appliances at different times of the day.”You could run those things as you go to bed at night or when it’s not quite as hot so you’re not competing with your air conditioner.” said Wilfon.

(Headline image: NOAA)

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