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Thanks to our Facebook Fans for their Photos of the Venus Transit June 5, 2012

6 Jun 2012, 3:55 pm


These three fabulous photos of the Venus Transit were taken by Jim Grant in California.   The photo in the upper right corner was taken 2 hours before sunset.   The photo in the upper left corner was taken 25 minutes before sunset.  And the larger bottom photo was snapped as the sun was setting and you can see Venus  just above the ocean waters.  Amazing.  Click here to see the full photos.  Thank you, Jim Grant for sharing with us.


This was the view of the Venus Transit from Muscatine County, Iowa Courtesy  Paul Brooks of PBrooks Photography. He snapped about 120 photos in about 40 minutes.  Click here to watch the incredible time lapse he put together.


Why so green? Nicholas Erwin snapped this photo of the Venus Transit in Vermont with  a shade 14 welder’s glass in front of the lens.  Click here to see his Facebook post.


How about this perspective from Wallace Craig in Midland, TX? His description of how he got this photo: Nikon still through a telescope equiped with a Hydrogen-Alpha solar filter.  Click Here for more of the photography details.


The clouds give an eerie feeling to this Venus Transit. Thanks to Larry Platt for sharing this view from the Dover, Delaware area.  Click here to see the technique he used.


And nothing like a few leaves and branches to add a little depth and interest to the Venus Transit picture. Thanks to Brad Birkholz for sharing this photo from Neenah, Wisconsin.

Again,  a sincere thanks to our Facebook Fans for sharing their awesome work.

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