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The Coldest November Stretch in Denver History?

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Most of the U.S. froze in temperatures well below normal for much of the week. But no city was quite as cold as the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado. Denver broke numerous records with an incredible cold weather spell that started with a 50-degree swing on Monday. After topping out at 64º on Monday morning, temperatures plummeted hours later into the teens – and that’s where they would stay (at best) for much for the rest of the week. On Tuesday, Denver’s high temperature of 16º broke the previous record minimum high temperature by a full three degrees. But on Wednesday, the real cold arrived, when temperatures didn’t climb above 6º at Denver’s international airport, where city observations are officially recorded, and a few inches of snow added to the full winter feel. With a high of just 13º on Thursday, it marked three straight days of high temperatures below 20º in Denver – the first time that has ever been recorded in the city during the month of November. In short, it was all kinds of cold this week in Denver. A few hundred miles further north, Casper, Wyoming recorded a -27º reading, the lowest-ever recorded temperature in the city of nearly 60,000 people. The cold air has gripped a huge swath of the country, and while it may let up in Colorado’s front range and through parts of the inner-mountain West in the upcoming week, the rest of the country will stay stuck in the cold, all due to a massive dip in the jet stream that has allowed unusually cold air to spill into most of the country.

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The good news? Warmer, or, should we say, not as ridiculously cold air (Denver’s average high for Friday is 55º) returned to the Colorado capital on Friday with a high of 33º. After yet another dip back into the 20s and possibly teens for highs on Saturday and Sunday, temperatures begin to rebound again for the work week, with highs back in the 40s and 50s by mid-week. Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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