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The first day of winter is 15 days away but we already have blizzard warnings in effect.

6 Dec 2009, 4:26 pm

What a difference we have seen from the first two days of December where mainly 80% of the nation had mild temperatures.  That is no longer the case because even in the Deep South we have seen the temperatures plunge to almost 20 degrees below the normal and places like Houston and El Paso have seen more snow than Minneapolis,MN this winter.  Call it global warming or not,  winter has arrived and it is definitely making a statement with close to 7 inches of snow yesterday in many cities of the Northeast including Vienna, VA. This week will remain active around the middle of the country with winter weather advisories and winter storm watches already in effect from Nebraska into Iowa and even Chicago could pick up close to 1.5 inches of snow by Monday morning courtesy of a low pressure area that is spinning in Kansas and will move to the northeast by later on tonight.  Though we are expecting some snow today and tomorrow around the Midwest, there real potent storm won’t arrive until Tuesday where Minneapolis,MN could pick up the first accumulating snow of the season and there is even a threat for some blizzard like conditions because the winds will be gusting to 45mph.

Midwest Forecast 12-6

Not only the Midwest will be getting some action this week, the southwest is already starting to feel the effects of a storm system.  Southwestern corners of Colorado are under a blizzard warning with up to 5 feet of snow possible with wind gusts of up to 50 mph so driving it is not recommended.   Another area that is going to get some measurable accumulating snow is the Sierra Nevada with more than 2 feet of snow which is great news for the skiers and those who like outdoors winter activities.  Here is a map with the forecast for the US

US Forecast 12-6 So this December will be memorable for many, and we are only in the 6th day of the month but we have seen snow in the south and extremely cold temperatures especially for Montana where tonight  they are expecting a wind chill of -40 degrees!!!! The earliest snowfall for Houston ever recorded, and early snow for the Mid-Atlantic states.  Here are some pics from my friends in Houston and Katy,TX and from Rockville, MD hope you enjoy this winter weather wonderland and have a wonderful day.RockvilleMD first snow 09pearland,TX snowfall 12-3

Picture taken by Roxana Solano

Picture taken by Bridgett Lovett

Katy,TX snowPicture taken by Peter Sciola

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