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The Halloween Forecast: Spooky, Spectacular or…Snowy?

29 Oct 2014, 3:18 pm

hlloween highs

It’s that time of the year again. The time when your kids dress up as their favorite Disney princess or Marvel Comic hero, eat way too much candy and stay up way too late. And this year, since Halloween falls on a Friday, adults maybe doing the same thing — except pumpkin beer may be involved.

But, weather-wise, what can you expect? It’ll be a mixed bag (see what I did there?). Below, is a comprehensive forecast of what you can expect across the country on All Hallows’ Eve.

Eastern U.S.

East Precip

Starting early Friday an upper-level disturbance will begin pushing into the Northeast — bringing much cooler air and even a chance for some snow by the end of the day. By the time the kids go out to trick-or-treat in the eastern one-third of the country, temperatures will have already fallen significantly for much of New England and parts of the Mid-Atlantic. Places like Rochester, Philadelphia and Lexington Kentucky could be dealing with temperatures in the lupper 30s and lower 40s by the time the kids get ready to hit the streets in search of (full-sized) candy.

Some of the models are also trying to indicate a rain-snow mix for parts of Upstate New York and Pennsylvania. But, it’s more likely they’ll just see a cold rain with a couple of flakes mixed in. As the evening progresses, mixed wintry precipitation becomes more likely.

The cold air will also be invading parts of the south as well, people in Nashville, Tenn., Huntsville, Ala. and Lexington, Ky. will also need to break out the cool weather gear. Temps will be in the mid 40s to lower 50s in these areas.

Rain chances will also spill into western parts of North Carolina, western Virginia and much of West Virginia.

Further east in Washington D.C., Raleigh and Atlanta, expect a decent Halloween. Temps will be in the upper 50s and low 60s by the time you get ready to head out to trick-or-treat.

Midwestern U.S.

Midwest Precip

Rain — and perhaps some snow — will be a concern for parts of the Great Lakes area. Parts of the Lower Peninsula, including Detroit, are likely to have snow and temperatures in low 30s around trick-or-treat time. A bit further south, in Ohio, a mix of rain and snow with temps in the mid to upper 30s will affect places like Toledo, Columbus and perhaps even Cleveland.

Dry, cold and windy conditions will be the norm for for much of the Upper Midwest and the Central Plains. Kids in Minneapolis should be prepared to break out the coats, temps will drop into the 30s by 6 p.m.

Elsewhere, expect nice weather for much of the Southern Plains, as high pressure and mostly clear skies will be in place across Texas, Oklahoma and western Kansas. Temps will be in the upper 50s and low 60s around 7 p.m.

Western U.S.

west precip

Looking further west, across the Intermountain West, the Desert Southwest and parts of the West Coast, nice conditions will reign supreme. The exception being the Pacific Northwest. Another system will being to move onshore late Thursday and is likely to bring rain from Washington to Oregon to the central coast of California.

Kids in cities like Seattle, Portland and San Francisco should be on alert for a dreary to soggy Halloween. Even with the rain, temperatures will be in the mid-50s to low 60s.

Southern California looks pretty good, expect mostly clear skies and temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60s.

The Four Corners looks like fantastic weather for trick-or-treating. Rain chances are virtually nil and temperatures will range from the mid-80s in Phoenix to mid-50s on the Front Range.

Mild conditions from the upper 50s to the low 60s will extend through the Rockies, all the way to the Canadian border. Keep in mind that towns in higher elevations could be much cooler than those in a valley.

Meteorologist Alan Raymond

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