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The Hwy I-70 March Snowstorm and Saturday Severe Threat

22 Mar 2013, 10:23 pm

Soccer and Snow!

The U.S. Soccer team hosted Costa Rica tonight in an important World Cup qualifying match.  The game was in Commerce City, a suburb of Denver and check out all of the snow on the field.   Image below was tweeted by @ussoccer

Winter Storm Advisories from Colorado into Ohio
The National Weather Service has issued a number of winter weather headlines across the mid-section of the nation with more to come through early next week.  Click Here for the latest details.

Snow Potential
Here’s the GFS (American model) snowfall potential thru AM Tuesday. Note the heavy snow potential across parts of northern MO. The heavy snow band will cross into the Ohio Valley and parts of the Northeast (near D.C.) by late weekend/early next week.

RPM Model – Snow Potential
Here’s a closer look with the RPM model.  The heaviest snow stays along the Hwy I-70.

National Snow Cover
As of March 22nd, 33.2% of the nation was covered in snow, with much of that snow pack on the fairly deep side across the northern tier of the nation. That’s a bit concerning as we approach the end of March and early part of April as flooding is becoming more of a concern.

Water Locked in the Snow…
The lateset SWE analysis or “Snow Water Equivalent” shows several inches of water locked in the snow. The big concern is when/how fast that snow melts. The later it waits to warm up and if that warm-up arrives in one big heat wave, we’re in trouble!

Saturday Severe Potential
The Storm Prediction Center has issued a SLIGHT RISK of severe weather for parts of the Gulf Coast region. Hail and high winds will be the primary threat with any of the stronger storms, but an isolated tornado can’t be ruled out.

You ask, we answer!

How do you measure snowfall depth in inches, especially with drifting? Thanks, Ed Morsman
Hey Ed, I’m actually a part-time weather observer at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. I’ve been a part-time weather observer since the early 2000s. I must have some sort of weather addiction that has not yet been diagnosed. I can honestly say, that it’s not only my job, but it’s also my hobby and passion!I agree that it can be fairly difficult to get an accurate reading when there’s any drifting over a certain area, but that’s why it’s necessary to take get an avearge. Try to find a spot where the snow looks ‘uniform’ and take several measurments, then average those.

The National Weather Service is always in need of additional snowfall reports. You can do it too, by joining the CoCoRahs… want to join?
By the way, they’re running a March Madness campaign to see which state can recruit the most new CocoRahs members!
Welcome to the CoCoRaHS March Madness Page. CoCoRaHS March Madness is our friendly recruiting contest between all 50 states to see who can recruit the most new volunteers during the 31 days of March. 
There is always a need for a greater number of observations, as the saying goes “the rain doesn’t fall the same on all”. Due to the variability of precipitation, amounts measured can be quite different only a block or two away. Help fill in the gaps by recruiting a friend or relative during our contest. The more observations, the clearer the picture, the better the understanding of where it did and did not rain.”
Thanks for checking in, have a great weekend ahead.
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