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This Weekend: Record-Setting Heat Comes to the Plains and the Pacific Northwest Gets Slammed with Heavy Rain

24 Oct 2014, 5:19 pm

sat highs

With the exception of a strong coastal low dumping copious amounts of rain on the Northeast and a weak EF-1 in the Pacific Northwest, it’s been a pretty quite week across much of the United States.

That trend is expected to continue though the weekend. The “big” weather stories for Saturday and Sunday will be the summer-like heat in the Plains and a series of strong storms that are expected to impact the Pacific Northwest.

Plain Hot in the Plains

sun highs

Not quite ready to break out the parkas and earmuffs in the central part of the country? No worries, you’ll need sunscreen, a swimsuit and a frosty beverage this weekend. Unseasonably warm air is expected to spread from Texas to South Dakota through Saturday and Sunday.

Across much of Texas and Oklahoma, highs will top out near 90 degrees. Potentially shattering record highs in Dallas, Oklahoma City and Wichita on Saturday and perhaps on Sunday as well.

What’s causing all of this hot air? Well, a strong ridge of high pressure is situated over the Four Corners region is expect to build east. The clear skies and abundant sunshine associated with that high will also help to warm the air considerably.

The warm weather will also extend in to South Dakota and Nebraska, but record-setting temperatures aren’t expected. Enjoy this quick taste of summer while it lasts, a cold front will drop the temperatures significantly by Monday.

Pacific Northwest

NW_rain totas

A series of storms have continued to pummel the Pacific Northwest, and it looks like that trend will continue through the weekend. Another storng system will roar onshore over the weekend, bringing gusty winds to coastal areas of California, Oregon and Washington.

Some of the higher elevations could also be dealing with some snow as well. But rainfall will be the main mode of precipitation through the weekend. As much as three inches of rain are possible for coastal areas from Eureka, Calif. to the tip of the Olympic Peninsula.

For places like Portland and Seattle, 1 to 1.5 inches of rain is more likely.

The rain from the pending system could also affect the Bay Area and Games 4 and 5 of the World Series.

WeatherNation meteorologists will be keeping an eye on the weather through the weekend.

Meteorologist Alan Raymond

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