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Thoughts Turn to Spring and Severe Weather

22 Feb 2017, 5:06 pm

As meteorological winter is winding down (Dec.-Feb) it’s time to start thinking about springtime and the severe weather it brings.  Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes can happen year round in the U.S. and March starts the ramp up of tornado occurrences in the spring.

There are many tips and things to do to get ready for severe weather in your area and here are a few to get you thinking about the season ahead.

First of all and possibly most important have reliable way to receive severe weather information as storms approach. NOAA weather radios and WeatherNation are great ways to make sure you have that covered.

Severe weather watches and warnings are issued from the National Weather Service and can help keep you informed and ahead of dangerous weather.

If a watch is issued, that means conditions in the atmosphere are favorable for severe weather, possible large hail, strong winds and even tornadoes . If a warning is issued, that means severe weather is imminent or is occurring.

A Tornado Warning means a tornado has either been indicated by radar or has already been confirmed.

If a tornado warning is issued for your area that is the time to act and get into your pre-designated safe area.  The best option for shelter during a tornado is a basement or storm shelter.  If those are not available get to the lowest most interior room of your building.  Stay away from exterior windows and doors and if you have sports helmets, put those on too.

If you live in a mobile home make plans ahead of time to get to a safe place. Mobile homes are one of the last places you want to be in a tornado. A storm shelter or another sturdy building would be the best place to go.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about the severe weather season ahead.  Check back regularly for more information to help keep you and your family safe.

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