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Thousands Remain Without Power in Kansas

16 Jan 2017, 6:51 pm

Dodge City, KS – After a significant ice storm that impacted the Central Plains over the weekend, many remain without power this evening. In Dodge City, Kansas, Victory Electric Cooperative has a message for its customers.

In a Facebook message to customers Sunday afternoon, Victory said, “we are sincerely asking our members to please be patient with us right now. We realize many of you have been out of power for an extended period of time. We are doing our absolute best to get power restored, but please take a look around at the damage around you. It is REALLY, REALLY BAD!”

Victory went on to say it has 29 linemen and more than 5,000 outages. They have called in crews from all across the state to help restore power as quickly as possible, but they know it is going to take some time.

Thousands of customers continue to call in to report power outages, causing the 23 phone lines Victory has to be backlogged. Since customers cannot get through on the phone lines, everyone is turning to Facebook to report outages.

Victory says this is not an official reporting method, but since they are having problems with the phones, they are logging the information as they receive it. They also warn of people walking or driving around leaning poles. “PLEASE do NOT do this. Those poles can give way at any moment and we do not want anyone getting hurt. And as a reminder, don’t go near any power line on the ground. You don’t know if it is live and dangerous.”

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