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Three Injured As Tornado Strikes Texas Oil Rig

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A tornado injured three people near Canadian, Texas on Wednesday afternoon as a series of strong storms moved through the Texas panhandle.

The Hemphill County Sherriff’s Office confirmed on Wednesday evening that three individuals working on a about two miles north of Canadian were injured just before 5:00pm as a tornado passed through the area. Amarillo TV station KFDA reported that one person was “severely” injured and two others suffered non-life threatening injuries as drilling rig they were in was “extensively” damaged by the tornado.

Amarillo TV station KVII reported that the victims were transported to Amarillo for further treatment.

A series of severe storms moved through the northeast Texas panhandle on Wednesday afternoon, producing at least five tornado reports as of late Wednesday evening. The storm near Canadian, however, was particularly potent as well as slow-moving, barely budging as it spun several tornadoes over a two-hour span, mostly to the north of the town of 2,500 people.

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Meteorologist Chris Bianchi

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