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Tip of the Week: Winterize Your Home

10 Oct 2019, 5:30 pm

Every day, WeatherNation brings you weather information to keep you safe. Every week, John Van Pelt helps get you prepared long before bad weather hits. This week we are talking about winterizing our homes. As the colder months draw nearer, it’s time to think about ways to make sure your home is ready for the colder weather ahead.


Q: What are a few things we need to do outside our homes to make sure they’re ready for winter?

A: One important tip is to disconnect hoses from faucets. Doing so can prevent burst pipes, that can leak inside your home. Clean downspouts and gutters for proper drainage. Clear them from debris, so they can drain properly, which can prevent leaks inside the house, and prevent ice jams from forming from frozen standing water in them.


Q: What can we do to make sure our heating system is ready for winter?

A: First, on the outside, make sure auxiliary burners are clean in your system…inside, make sure your that exchange is in good shape. Replace the filter in your furnace. Close any vents in your home that may have been opened for the warm weather.  If you heat with propane or oil, ensure the tank is full.


Q: What things do we need to do inside our houses to be winterized?

A: Replace heat filters every month. Also, be sure to look for cracks or gaps in windows/doors and add caulk or weatherstripping to prevent leaks and keep your home as insulated as possible.  Make sure pipes are insulated to prevent bursts. All of these tips can save you money on heating this fall and winter.



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