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Top 5 Worst Weather Big Games in History

5 Feb 2017, 4:47 am

The big game is in Houston, Texas this year and the weather looks to cooperate pretty nicely but this wasn’t the case for some games in history.

The top 5 worst big games in history, weather wise, are as follows:

Big game  1972
Miami Dolphins and the Dallas Cowboys
Played in New Orleans, LA
This game was one of the coldest ‘non-dome’ games on record for New Orleans. The superdome hadn’t been built yet so all of the games were played outside and this one just happened to be pretty chilly. Highs only topped out in the low 40s. The dome was built prior to the this game. The Dallas Cowboys came out with the victory this year.

Big game 2007
Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts
Played in Miami, FL
This game was the wettest games on record where near an inch of rain fell during the game. You think, big deal it’s just rain. This time of year in Southern Florida is actually the dry season so it was a big deal that this much rain fell on the stadium during the game. The Colts took the W this year.

Big game 1934
New York Giants and the Chicago Bears
Played in New York City
Dubbed the “Sneakers game”
This game was named the “Sneakers game” because there was a lot of ice that was covering the field during this game. The cleats that the players were wearing wasn’t providing enough traction so one of the managers was sent over to a nearby baseball field and grabbed all of the baseball sneakers he could and the players finished out the game in sneakers! Surprisingly this helped tremendously. The New York Giants won this game!

Big game 1948
Chicago Cardinals (before they were the bears) and the Philadelphia Eagles
Played in Philadelphia, PA
During this game, a major snowstorm was plaguing the area. More than 4 inches of snow was on the field and in the stadium seats to start the game. The players had to remove the tarp with all of the snow on it. The stadium also let fans in for free! But only if they brought a snow shovel and helped clear the stadiums steps and seats. The refs had a hard go of things because the field was covered with snow so they had to guess had where the ball landed! Fortunately for the refs there was only one touchdown which allowed the Philadelphia Eagles take the win!

Big game 1967
Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers 
Named the “Ice Bowl”
Played in Green Bay, WI
What a fitting name for this big game. Temperatures to start the game were at -15°F!!! The referee’s whistles froze to their lips and when they pulled them off they were left with bloody lips and also, the players wore ski masks during the entire game to help protect from frostbite. Unfortunately, numerous players suffered through the effects of frostbite on their toes and fingers. Even with the cold the Green Bay Packers took hold the trophy.


Now for this years big game….it’s looking like the weather will cooperate very nicely. Well, it won’t be record breaking by any stretch. A few rain showers may be around for the start of the game but by halftime – only clouds will be lingering around. Looks like a pretty nice forecast for Big Game 51!


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