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Tornado Touches Down in Chicago for First Time in Nearly a Decade

For the first time since September 22nd, 2006, a tornado touched down in the city limits of Chicago on Tuesday afternoon around 4 PM CDT.

This ‘landspout’ touched down in southwest Chicago and could be seen from nearby Midway Airport. The airport didn’t have any delays or cancellations, but it did spook many who saw the funnel reach the ground, including workers at the airport. Landspouts have a different way of forming as opposed to supercellular, more traditional tornadoes, but landspouts typically don’t produce significant damage.

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The funnel lasted for about 10 minutes before going back up into the sky. Fortunately, the city of Chicago Emergency Management didn’t receive any reports of injuries or damage from the tornado.

The last Chicago tornado was in 2006 was near Loyola University in the Rogers Park neighborhood.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Joel Barnes – Photos: National Weather Service, Chicago

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