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Tornado Watches Issued as Severe Weather Outbreak Effects Millions

SPC Update 1006

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An outbreak of severe weather is likely on Wednesday from the Mississippi Valley to the Great Lakes. The Storm Prediction Center upgraded the outlook to include a moderate risk for severe storms in northern Mississippi, eastern Arkansas, and western Tennessee. 63 million people and major hubs like Chicago, Nashville, and Atlanta are under at least a slight risk for severe storms.

The major concern of these storm is the potential for tornadoes through this evening. This threat is also accompanied by the potential for damaging wind and occasional hail. The severe weather could slow one of the busiest travel days of the year. If traveling through areas at risk, have a plan to receive any warnings issued.

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A cold front moves through the Plains and encounters moisture from the Gulf and warm temperatures spread across the east. This instability will peak during afternoon and evening hours. Thursday still has storm chances but the severe risk is marginal.

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