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Totally Cool Eclipse

15 Aug 2017, 9:06 pm

The upcoming solar eclipse across the United States will certainly be a spectacle to see, but will also be a treat to what we physically feel during the event.  While total eclipse in many locations will last a little more than two minutes the entire trip of the moon across the sun will take almost two hours.  

As the eclipse is occurring be sure to notice how the quality of daylight changes where you are. A sunny day (hopefully) you will see subtle differences in the light from the sun and some may see a greenish hue as the light diminishes.

During the excitement that you may feel as the eclipse ongoing pay attention to your surroundings.  Animals and insects may act abnormally as the light dims during the eclipse. As the daylight dims many animals will perceive this as sunset and act as they normally would at day’s end. Birds may start to roost, insects may bed down for the night and quite possibly nocturnal creatures like owls may be awoken earlier than expected.

Also, during the eclipse the air temperature will drop significantly and a sunny warm day in the 80’s could cool into the 70’s in a short time.  This cool down at the surface will also see a drop in the wind speed as the cooler air descends and during the couple of minutes of totality you may notice an eerie stillness.

Mike Morrison

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