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Trick or Treat, Halloween Heat!

31 Oct 2016, 6:44 am

Is it Labor Day or Halloween? You can’t tell by the temperature map.

A warm front sliding east through the central US and a ridge of high pressure in the mid and upper levels will ensure well above average temperatures for Halloween. Little ghosts and goblins are looking at highs near 90 degrees in much of the south. Highs in the 80s could stretch as far north as South Dakota! Nearly 75 record highs could be broken in the next three days.


H Halloween Highs H Potential Records

The only cooler spots will be in the Upper Midwest, Northeast, and Northwest. Even so, high temperatures in those locations will be near average or a few degrees below. The central and southern US will be 10 to 20 degrees above normal!

H Nat Highs

H Nat Dept

Clear skies in many of these locations will mean temperatures dropping quickly after sunset. If you can, trick-or-treat earlier rather than later. After all, it is a school night.


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