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Triggering an Avalanche!

Storm Slab Avalanche
A Colorado skier triggered a “storm slab” avalanche on Berthoud Pass in Colorado.  The avalanche happened Friday, March 25, 2016 up around 11,000 ft. elevation and now we have the video released from The Colorado Avalanche Information Center.  The pass is in the high country of the Rocky Mountains near Berthoud Falls, CO.

An avalanche is when snow moves quickly down a sloping surface.  There are a few different types of avalanches but this one in particular was the kind that releases a slab of snow onto an old snow surface.  It is caused by a fresh snowfall, the fresh snow has not had a day or two to settle into place, the area is then disturbed by movement, such as skiing, snowboarding, etc., causing the newer “slab” of snow to give way.

That is exactly what took place in the video.  According to our Denver affiliate, KUSA – Blair Shiff, “The skier was trapped by the avalanche, but was only buried up to his waist. He suffered minor injuries to his lower leg during the avalanche.”

Image: Colorado Avalanche Information Center
Image: Colorado Avalanche Information Center

More snow is expected in the high country of Colorado this week which will set the stage for more potential avalanches.  Stay tuned to WeatherNation for the latest.

For WeatherNation: Jessica Rivera
(Headline image: Colorado Avalanche Information Center )

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