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Triple Digit Heat In The South, Heavy Rain, and Dorian Returns

3 Aug 2013, 1:44 pm

Southern Heat

Happy Saturday! It’s a hot weekend across the south, with numerous locations topping 100° over the next few days. Blue skies were prevalent this afternoon in Fort Worth, TX where highs are expected to get to 101.

High pressure is sitting over Texas, helping to keep skies clear. With clear skies, we can expect it to be nice and toasty.

In this heat bubble, many areas are expected to get above 100 today, which is a good 5-10 degrees above average. Dallas has only seen 13 days at or above 100 so far this year, and they average 36 a year (with 13 of those occurring in August), so this is heat that the area hasn’t seen much of this year.

While it may only get to the low 100s, it’ll feel more like 105-110 in places such as Tulsa and Dallas today. This has prompted a Heat Advisory for today. I would not be surprised to see it extended for some locations into the rest of the weekend.

Highs Sunday will be a few degrees cooler in most places, but still above average. Make sure you stay hydrated and check on pets, the young and the elderly!

Heavy Rain in the Central Plains

Storms are going to ride the edge of high pressure over the next few days, and heavy rain is possible for some locations. For example, Eureka Springs has already received over 1.5″ of rain this morning, and another 1″ is possible by Monday.

We’ll have to watch areas like Wichita, Springfield, and Joplin over the next few days for the possibility of flooding on already saturated soils.

Some areas only need 1″ of rain within a three hour period to have flash flooding occur. Again, some of these areas could get much more than that.

Dorian Update

Dorian reformed this morning off the coast of Florida with winds of 35 mph. It doesn’t look to survive very long as a named system as strong northerly shear has taken over. Expect Dorian to become post-tropical either later tonight or Sunday as it moves away from the U.S.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Meteorologist D.J. Kayser
Follow me on Twitter at: @weathrlver

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