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Tropical Storm Vance Forms in the Eastern Pacific, To Impact Mexico


Tropical Storm Vance has formed in the eastern Pacific Ocean and it’s expected to become a minimal hurricane in the coming hours.

Currently, the storm has winds of 40-mph and is moving nearly due west at 5-mph. A turn to the we-southwest is expected to occur in the coming hours. And the minimum central pressure is at 1005 millibars.

Vance is 20 named storm in the eastern Pacific. An it marks the most activity in that basin since 1992.

Vance is over very warm waters, but some upper-level wind shear will inhibit significant development through early Saturday. This weekend, however, environmental conditions will become more favorable for development and the storm could become Hurricane Vance by early Sunday morning.


The models are also indicating the system will being a turn to the north and then, ultimately, the northeast. It looks like vance could impact the western coast of mainland Mexico by Tuesday afternoon local time.

It could bring winds up to 65-mph and torrential rain to the region. And as the storm shears apart and moves further inland, torrential rains could cause flash flooding and mudslides in central Mexico.

Much remains to be ween with the forecast and WeatherNation meteorologists will be keeping an eye on the situation.

Meteorologist Alan Raymond

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