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Tropical Depression Bill….Still??

The National Weather Prediction Center has described Tropical Depression Bill as “Tenacious Tropical Depression Bill” We have watched the storm system for over a week now, from its original orientation over the Yucatan Peninsula. Bill made landfall late Tuesday morning and at that time was classified as a Tropical Storm. However, the fact that is has been three days since the system made landfall and has spanned over 1,000 miles has left many stumped and scratching their heads…How is this possible?Bill (1)

Lets set the stage… The month of May brought record rainfall across areas of the Southern Plains. Texas and Oklahoma experienced fatal flooding and their wettest months on record in 121 years of records. Rivers are running high and there is a surplus of moisture within the soil. Even drought conditions have nearly disappeared from all the rain!

Stay with me..Fast forwarding to this last week…
When you have a tropical system push on shore 3/4 of the time it will weaken very quickly. The systems supply line to warm water and moisture is quickly shut off. However, tropical depression Bill has been able to use a life line. That life line was the hot, humid and rainy weather conditions across the south. This tropical storm has been able to use the warm atmosphere anchored over the South Central U.S. paired with the ample moisture that still lay within the soil to sustain momentum and only weaken very gradually.

This phenomenon is known as the “Brown Ocean Effect”

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We will continue to track this system on WeatherNation throughout the weekend as it progresses towards the Atlantic.

Meteorologist Tracey Anthony

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