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Tropical Depression Five Forms in the Gulf of Mexico


Tropical Depression Five is swirling off the coast of Mexico, in the Bay of Campeche — about 255 miles east-southeast of Tuxpan, Mex. At present, most of the convection associated with the system is still over the Yucatan Peninsula and the center of circulation isn’t very well defined. Even so, the storm is moving into an environment that will be much more conducive for additional development.

The likelihood of additional development lead the Hurricane Hunters to deploy an aircraft Monday afternoon, the results of that investigation lead to the upgrade to tropical depression status.

Currently, the storm is moving west-northwest at 13-mph and packing winds of 30-mph. The National Hurricane Center in Miami is advising people with interests on the Gulf Coast of Mexico to monitor the situation as watches or warnings could soon be issued.


Tropical storm warnings are in effect from Tuxpan to La Pesca, Mexico. In between these two cities is the most likely area of landfall for tropical depression five.

That said, the forecast is subject to change and people with interests along the Mexican Gulf Coast should stay weather aware.

Even if the storm makes landfall well south of the U.S.-Mexico border, heavy rainfall will be a possibility for parts of south Texas — especially for places like Brownsville and South Padre Island.


This storm is the fifth tropical depression of the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season. T.D. Five is likely to make it to tropical storm strength in the next 36 hours, after that it will be called “Dolly.”

WeatherNation meteorologists will be keeping an eye on the system over the next few days. We’ll bring you updated information as it comes to us.

Meteorologist Alan Raymond

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