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Tropical Heatwave Hits the Midwest; Flash Flooding Risks in the Southwest

25 Aug 2013, 11:59 am

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“We’re having a heatwave . . .  a tropical heatwave . . .”

Temperatures today across the Midwest are creeping into dangerous territory — the hottest few days of the summer so far are upon us. Records could even be broken in a few locations this afternoon.

Summer All At Once. We’re watching the mercury rise in Minnesota today — these locations typically see highs in the upper 70s this time of year. We’ll be well above average, even in the overnight hours!

Excessive Heat Warnings. The most dangerous kind of heat is the type that hangs on even after sunset. If you don’t have A/C at home, you’ll really be feeling the sticky, muggy heat all through the nights.

Deadly Temperatures. If you are one to downplay the heat, just remember that it can be even more deadly than other forms of extreme weather. The infographic below from the Center for Disease Control explains:

An Infographic on Extreme Heat.

How Long Will This Last? We won’t have much relief from this heat anytime soon across the Midwest. The 90s are here to stay, along with fairly high dewpoints. The worst few days of the week happen early, then a brief break by Thursday.



Meanwhile in the Southwest . . .




Soaking Rains. A plume of tropical moisture has its sights set on the Southwest, and will provide a good dose of rain in the next 2 days. Torrential rain rates could create flash flooding scenarios quickly, complete with washouts, mudslides, and debris flows.

Ample Moisture. The ECMWF model drops nearly an inch and a half of rain around the Las Vegas area in the next few days.


Stormy & Washed Out. Over the weekend, we already had reports of rushing flood waters near Lake Havasu City, as well as a funnel cloud near Yucca, AZ. More storms will continue to impact the region today.

Precipitation Outlook to End August. Big rain will continue for the Southwest and coastal regions of Texas thanks to tropical moisture. Meanwhile, a severe storm threat in the Midwest will bring rain to the Great Lakes region. Over the next 5 days, expect at least a couple inches in these highlighted areas. (Map above via Weather Prediction Center)


Hope you have a great week ahead, and try to stay cool and/or dry! -Meteorologist Miranda Hilgers


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