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Tropical Outlook, Fire as seen from the sky and Memorial Weekend Thunder

24 May 2012, 12:42 pm

Thursday, May 24th, 2o12

Say hello to our first hurricane of the 2012 Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season. Hurricane BUD was a category 1 hurricane earlier today with wind gusts topping 100mph.

See more images from Earth Snapshot HERE:

National Hurricane Center

The National Hurricane Center was issuing advisories on Hurricane BUD earlier Thursday. The current forecast has it briefly warming to a category 2 hurricane before putting on the brakes prior to making landfall with western Mexico as a tropical storm. In fact, it throws it in reverse real quick and weakens to a tropical depression.

See more from the National Hurricane Center HERE

More Activity in the Atlantic Basin

Thanks to the National Weather Service from Key West, FL for the blurb below on a potential new tropical cyclone in the Atlantic Basin.

See more from them HERE:

An area of low pressure over the Middle Keys and Florida Bay has become better organized during the past few hours. This area of low pressure is producing tropical storm force wind gusts to the east of the center over water. Strong wind shear continues to prevent this storm system from developing into a subtropical or tropical cyclone. Although conditions are not currently favorable for development, they are anticipated to become more conducive for the formation of a subtropical or tropical cyclone by Saturday as the area of low pressure progresses northeastward into the southwest Atlantic Ocean. Regardless of development, locally heavy rainfall, flooding, and gusty winds are possible over south Florida, portions of the Florida Keys, and the Bahamas this afternoon into Friday.”

Official Updates on the system HERE:

See more from the National Hurricane Center HERE:

This elongated low pressure system will likely bring heavier rain to southern Florida over the next few days. The 3 day HPC rainfall forecast shows a potential of 1″ (maybe 2″) additional rain through early Sunday… Stay tuned!

Great News for Park Goers!

Great news from Coronado National Memorial Park in Arizona, the park is reopening after a wildfire.

The park is reopening to the public today, Thursday, May 24, 2012 after being closed for the Campini Fire since Monday afternoon. The picture from Montezuma Pass Overlook is showing the burned area in Mexico from the Campini Fire and the School Canyon Fire.”

You can read more HERE:

More wildfire News: New Mexico Baldy Fire

Fires in the Gila area of southwest New Mexico from the NASA Terra polar orbiting satellite. The picture is a little fuzzy due to the position of the satellite and its field of view as it passed. This was roughly around noon Wednesday MDT.”

See more HERE

See more on the Baldy fire from HERE:

Several Fires Burning

Look at all the fires burning in the Southwest. Get all the information HERE:

Satellite of Standing Lenticular Clouds

This is neat! What looks like a fire, really is not. From the National Weather Service out of San Diego, CA who shared this on their Facebook page:

Standing wave cloud (lenticular) visible on MODIS 250 km visible satellite image over Tehachapi mountains. Strong winds have been flowing across this region the past 24 hours. Ice in this cloud also makes it show up as a very cold cloud top when viewed on Infrared satellite.”

Rain, Rain Go Away?

On one hand, folks in the Upper Midwest would probably like to see the rain exit the region before the long Memorial weekend, but on the other hand, the heavy rain is helping with drought conditions and low lake levels

Thanks to WNTV Meteorologist Bryan Karrick for the picture below at Cologne Park.

Rainfall From Earlier Thursday

This is a look at how much rain fell from Wednesday through early Thursday across the Twin Cities and places just west. Quite impressive!!

Radar Rain Estimates

The radar rain estimates show a large swath of 2″ to 4″ + From southwest Minnesota to northeast Minnesota from Wednesday through AM Thursday.

Heavy Rain Reports

This comes from the NWS Storm Report App, see HERE:

The heaviest came in from 3 miles ESE of Montrose @ 5.2″

See more reports HERE:

More Heavy Rain Expected!

Unfortunately for those who have big weekend plans this Memorial weekend, the extended forecast is looking a little soggy. The 5 day precipitation forecast From AM Thursday-AM Tuesday) shows an additional 2″ to 4″ across parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin!

Severe Potential Thursday

This is the severe outlook for Thursday. The Storm Prediction Center has issued a MODERATE risk of severe storms today across most of Wisconsin! The primary thereat will be damaging winds, but hail and an isolated tornado can’t be ruled out. Keep those weather radios handy today for potentially significant weather risks.

See more from the SPC HERE:

Memorial Weekend Severe Threat

Again, keep up to date with latest severe weather forecast across the Upper Mississippi Valley this upcoming weekend. Strong to severe storms and heavy rain will be possible in the areas shaded below. Sunday is shaded in RED and Monday is shaded in PURPLE. Those are the two areas (for now) that could be under the gun for severe thunderstorms during those days. I’m sure a lot of folks have BBQ plans this weekend, but it might behoove you to have a plan ‘B’ just in case you get chased indoors!

NWS Green Bay reports: Record Warm Spring Continues

After the unprecedented warm March, spring continues to be mild across much of northeast and central Wisconsin.  In fact, the spring of 2012 will likely go into the books as the warmest on record in several locations, including Green Bay and Wausau.  As of May 22, here is how spring (March, April, May) 2012 ranks:”

See more HERE:

Fleet Week 2012

New York Fleet Week 2012 Thousands of Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen from US Navy and US Coast Guard ships are in Manhattan for Fleet Week New York.

See more HERE:

This cool video showing the Navy Blue Angels Flyover is from Darren Boddy in Edgewater, New Jersey.


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