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Tropical Storm Hanna – Weekend Impacts

5 Sep 2008, 11:58 am

Tropical Storm Hanna, currently just off the Southeastern US coast, will begin to make its move northward today as the front across the Mississippi Valley moves east. Hanna is expected to make landfall as a tropical storm along the northern South Carolina coast during the early morning hours tomorrow morning. It will then increase forward speed and ride north along the I-95 corridor bringing a quick bout of heavy rain and gusty winds to the major cities such as Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City and Boston. By Sunday night, Hanna is expected to be in the vicinity of Nova Scotia.

Flash flooding is a possibility due to the quick onset of rainfall amounts of 2-4 inches along the track of Hanna. Widespread 1-2 inche amounts will be common all across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast east of the Appalachians. The strongest winds will be felt across North and South Carolina as Hanna makes landfall with winds up to 60 mph in some locations near and just to the east of the center, with some gusts up to 80 mph possible. Widespread tropical storm force winds of 40-50 with higher gusts possible in thunderstorms will be felt along the eastern seaboard as Hanna makes its northward progression.

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