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Tropical Storm Harvey Brings Flooding To The Tropics

18 Aug 2017, 12:55 pm

Tropical Storm Harvey brought 40 mph winds and very heavy rainfall to Barbados, Thursday night into Friday morning.  Torrential flooding resulted, especially in the northern half of the island.  Luckily, the fast moving storm, traveled west at 20 miles per hour.  Flooding would have been much worse, with a slow moving storm.

As of 2:30pm eastern, the center of the storm has passed to the west of the windward islands, in the lesser Antilles.  However, there could be an additional one to two inches of rainfall, over Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, and The Grenadines through the afternoon.

The forecast track, takes Harvey into the central Caribbean over the weekend.  There will be minimal impact from the storm during this time.  Wind shear will keep the storm from intensifying.  However, by Monday, the storm will be in the western Caribbean, where wind shear is weaker.  This could allow Harvey to intensify into a stronger tropical storm, possibly even into a Category 1  hurricane.  The storm could then make landfall anywhere between the Yucatan Peninsula and Nicaragua by Tuesday.  Very heavy rainfall, storm surge, and hurricane force winds, could then cause a significant amount of damage.

There are also two areas of interest behind Harvey.  Both have the potential to develop into tropical storms over the next five days.

Irma and Jose, are the next two names on the 2017 tropical storm list in the Atlantic.

All three systems should be monitored carefully over the next several days, by anyone with interests in the Caribbean.

For WeatherNation-Meteorologist Matt Monroe

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