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Tropical Storm Harvey Forms

17 Aug 2017, 3:19 pm

The eighth named storm of the Atlantic Hurricane Season has formed as it nears the Caribbean. Tropical Storm Harvey is heading due west as it continues to slowly, but steadily gain strength. The storm is predicted to continue west through the Southern Caribbean and eventually closer to the Western Caribbean Sea this weekend.

As the sun began to set over the storm Thursday, satellite imagery showed pockets of developing thunderstorms near the storm’s center. This is an indication of a strengthening storm that eventually develops enough thunderstorm activity to form a stronger center. As of Thursday evening, Harvey was about 250 miles to the east of Barbados and 355 miles to the east of St. Lucia. At the present rate of 18 miles per hour to the west, the center of Harvey should pass over Barbados around sunrise Friday and continue moving through the rest of the Windward Islands. Tropical storm warnings are in effect for Martinique, St. Lucia, Barbados, St. Vincent, and Grenadines. A tropical storm watch remains in effect for Dominica.

Harvey is forecast to remain a tropical storm through the weekend and into early next week as it enters the Western Caribbean. By then, the storm is forecast to be a stronger tropical storm. It is possible that Harvey could become a hurricane by Monday or Tuesday, but for now the forecast is for it to remain at tropical storm status. Beyond early next week, the storm is forecast to remain south of the United States. We will update you if any of that changes! Stay with us for the latest.

-For Weather Nation, Meteorologist Steve Glazier

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