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Tropical Storm Karina Churns in the Eastern Pacific


While the Atlantic Basin may be quite — for now — the tropics in the Pacific have kicked into high gear. Tropical Storm Karina, packing winds of 50 miles per hour, is slowly churning west, across the desolate Pacific Ocean.

Presently, Karina is located about 820 miles west-southwest of the southern tip of Baja California and is moving nearly due west at 12-mph. The minimum central pressure is at 998 millibars, not far below the mean sea level pressure of 1013 millibars. Meaning Karina isn’t that strong and additional organization is not likely at this time.


Karina is being pushed around a sub-tropical high that’s expected to build further west as the weekend progresses, this will help to keep the storm on a more westerly path. Past five days, Karina will lose its steering mechanisms and is likely to wobble about the central Pacific.

At this point, Karina looks like it will stay away from land. But people with interests in the Hawaiian Islands should monitor the progress of the storm over the next seven days.

Meteorologist Alan Raymond

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