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Tropical Storm Pilar

24 Sep 2017, 3:15 pm

While all eyes have been towards the Atlantic Ocean with both Hurricane Maria and Lee, the Pacific Ocean has Tropical Storm Pilar. While Pilar doesn’t appear to strengthen to anymore than the strength it is currently at, the impacts it will have on Mexico are note worthy.

The Mexican city of Sayulita, just north of the Bahia de Banderas on the west coast, is expected to see the greatest wind speeds near 40 mph. After the first initial landfall near Sayulita Sunday afternoon, Tropical Storm Pilar will weaken significantly. Come Monday evening, Pilar is expected to weaken back down to a Tropical Depression with wind speeds less than 39 mph. Pilar should not have any impacts on the U.S. as it continues its way along the west coast of Mexico this week.

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