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Tropical System Could Bring Heavy Rain to South Florida

26 Oct 2017, 12:02 pm


We are not done talking about the tropics just yet with another tropical system in the western Caribbean.  The chance for any tropical development with this system is moderate (40%) over the next 5 days.

Tropical Outlook

Forecast models are not in good agreement on what this system will do, but some of the more reliable tropical models are showing a movement to the northeast.  This means that even if this system doesn’t become our next tropical storm, it will still likely bring some heavy rain to south Florida.

Forecast and Timing

The latest timing has the heavy rain chances for the upcoming weekend…especially for early Sunday morning.  A cold front will keep this system from moving into the Gulf of Mexico.  This same cold front could be stalling out over the east coast and allow this system to move north and bring heavy rain to the Northeast by early next week.


Rainfall Potential

The heaviest rain will be mostly in southern Florida with the potential for 1 to 3 inches.  The rain could push as far north as Orlando, but the heaviest rain will likely be confined to the southern half of the state.  There could be a few isolated areas of flash flooding over the weekend so please be weather aware in this area.

Where Will This System Go After it Impacts South Florida?

There are still some question marks with this system, but there will be potential for this low pressure to actually move along the east coast and eventually impact the Northeast.  Another scenario is this low pressure system getting pushed out into the Atlantic Ocean and it not impacting land after it hits south Florida. Definitely stay tuned over the next few days as forecast models get a much better handling of this system.


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