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Tropics May Threaten Eastern Caribbean Next Week

Residents and travelers to the Caribbean should be on high alert next week for potential tropical development.

We are not referring to Tropical Storm Fiona that sits alone over the Atlantic Ocean’s open waters, rather, we are referring to two tropical waves over the central and eastern Atlantic.

fiona 1

Tropical Storm Fiona will encounter wind shear that will likely weaken the storm to a remnant low this weekend.

Southeast of Fiona sits two tropical waves; one over the central Atlantic and one moving off the west coast of Africa. Both may develop into tropical depressions within the next week with the names of Gaston and Hermine.

fiona 2 fiona 3

Computer guidance indicates the storms may threaten the eastern Caribbean by the middle of next week.

fiona 4

Sea surface temperatures to the west are very warm and atmospheric conditions will be more conducive for tropical development toward Monday. As of Saturday, both systems have to battle dry air that originated over the Saharan Desert in Africa.

It’s still far too early to get into the exact details as there are many factors that go into play. These include upper air currents, quantity of dry air aloft, strength of the cyclone, amongst other factors. Stronger storms will take more of a northwesterly track.

The bottom line is those that have interests in the eastern Caribbean, including the Lesser Antilles, should monitor the latest forecast should there be further tropical development.

For WeatherNation: Meteorologist Nick Merianos

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  1. Well here we go, the Tropics are finally starting to wake up a bit. Maybe the season will be active after all. 2004 Started off slow too and then it took off, The first named storm was on July 31st with Alex, and then we were up to Charley in no time and of course it hit Cayo Casta & Punta Gorda, FL. Maybe this season will be like 2004…

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